Robotstudio 获取机器人D-H参数

2020年6月23日 10时25分



Hej Hej,
My name is Nikolas and I am researcher at KTH in Stockholm, Sweden. I work with measurements to identify kinematic, static, thermal and dynamic model parameters. This task usually requires the calculation of the observavility, correlaction and sensitivty of model parameters, which in turn requires knowledge of the Denavit Hartenberg or modified Denavit Hartenberg parameters. Can you please tell me how one can easiest export this information from robot studio?

Thank you in advance!


Cheers Niko
For my RSDrawGraphics, I found DH parameters in Robot Mechanism library.You can find it on C:\Program Files (x86)\ABB Industrial IT\Robotics IT\RobotStudio 6.07\ABB Library\Robots folder.
Open rslib file as zip archive.
On PIM.xml file in section: PIMDocument – Objects – ForwardKinematicsDH – JointInfos, you can get DHParameters for each axes.
I have to make some modifications as they are for graphical view, and place mechanism elements.
Like if you set axis 3 as UCS, your can see that the origin is not on motor axis even if rotation axis in on it.

Maybe someone knows a better way to get them.


2、以上:如果你安装了RS,那么可以在安装目录下找到并打开,C:\Program Files (x86)\ABB Industrial IT\Robotics IT\RobotStudio 6.07\ABB Library。如下图用好压打开IRB120_3_58_01.rslib—>再打开PIM.xml文件


Robotstudio 获取机器人D-H参数插图


Robotstudio 获取机器人D-H参数插图(1)


在打开的xml中找到–>PIMDocument -> Objects -> ForwardKinematicsDH – >JointInfos就可以获得此型号机器人的D-H参数了。




Robotstudio 获取机器人D-H参数插图(2)